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Opposition to Hindi Imposition in India

One of the largest collection of articles on Hindi imposition and opposition to it in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal, Maharashtra and other states.  Democracy or Hindi-crazy?

Tamil Nadu Independence Movement

History of Tamilnadu independence movement (from 1939 to 2020), reasons behind the independence demand, is there popular public support in Tamil Nadu, and more. Freedom movement, secession or separatism? Freedom fighters, secessionists or separatists? Nationalism or parochialism?

Independence Movements in India

Freedom movements in Manipur, Nagaland/Nagalim, Punjab/Khalistan, Tamil Nadu.

Economic Discrimination of Tamil Nadu (and some other Southern and Western states) by Indian Government

Transfer of billions of tax monies from non-Hindi states to Hindi states. Facts and figures included.

Tamil Eelam and Sri Lanka

Tamil Eelam independence struggle: The Pirabhakaran Years. A view from Tamil Nadu.

India: Democracy or Pseudo-democracy

Pseudo-democracy (or semi-democracy), Hindi-centric Indian Policies, The Great North-South Divide, and more.

Tamil Nadu: From Century 0 to Century 21

Tamil Nadu: Historical perspective. Current events and politics. Current language situation.

Tamil Nadu Fishermen Killings in the Sea: Sri Lanka and India: Is Tamil life cheap? (over a dozen articles)

History of Dravidian Parties: DMK, AIADMK, MDMK, PMK ... (over 25 articles)

Tamil Language: From Century 0 to Century 21

Antiquity of Tamil and Tamil etymology: Roots of Tamil words (over a dozen articles)

Language politics in India and Tamil Nadu. Is Tamil on the way to semi-extinction in Tamil Nadu?)

Indian Government and Sanskrit Language

Place of Sanskrit today in India (Sanskrit imperialism over India?)

Why is Indian government spending millions of tax monies to prop up Sanskrit while the living languages are starving?


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