Thimpu Priciples

TAMIL TRIBUNE, February 2000 (ID. 2000-02-02-Ref1)

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The Government of India arranged talks between the Sri Lankan government and Sri Lankan Tamil representatives in Thimpu in July 1985. The Tamil delegation consisted of all the political parties and militant groups of that time. The Tamil delegation put forth the following four principles, which are known as the "Thimpu Principles".

  1. Tamil people are a distinct and separate identity, and therefore must be accepted as a nation;
  2. Tamil people have a traditional homeland and its territory must be inviolate;
  3. On the basis of the two norms above, the Tamil people are possessed of the inalienable right to self-determination; and
  4. The principle of equality.

The Tamil delegation stated that any political solution to the Sri Lankan ethnic conflict could be only on the recognition of these four principles. The Sri Lankan government rejected these principles and the Thimpu talks broke down.

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