American Tamils and U.S. Census

K. L. Arumugam

TAMIL TRIBUNE, April 2000 (ID.2000-04-02)

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U.S. - United States (of America)

All U.S. households received a census form in March 2000. There is question in the form that asks, "What is your race?" The choices there include "Asian Indian" and "Other Asian (specify the race)". I request all Tamil Americans of Tamil Nadu origin to mark "Other Asian", and NOT "Asian Indian". Once you mark "Other Asian", there is a space below where you can write down your race. I request you to write "Tamil" there.

Let those of us originating from Tamil Nadu identify ourselves as Tamils instead of Indians. The Indian subcontinent contains many races: Sikhs, Bengalis, Tamils, etc. Let us identify ourselves correctly as Tamils (as we are known for more than two millennia) and not as the recent and artificially created identity of "Indians".

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