Tamil movies and Bombay actresses

Tamil Movies: Flesh Trade by any Name

A. Rajagopal

TAMIL TRIBUNE, Month 2003 (ID. 2003-03-02)
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Tamil movies have seldom been more than a source of light entertainment for the masses. After days of hard work and the harsh realities of life, men and women treat themselves to a movie to spend couple of hours "living" in a fantasy world of songs and dances, pretty women, handsome men, palatial houses and fancy clothes. There is nothing wrong with that. But the Tamil movie industry has gone to the gutters in recent years. Movies have become a vehicle for showing female flesh and nothing more. How else can you explain the recent trend of "importing" foreign actresses from Bombay Film Industry who know no Tamil! These ladies move their pretty lips and Tamil dialog read by someone else is dubbed. Acting is not just prancing around half-naked and displaying as much female flesh as censors would allow. An actor/actress should display emotions as they speak. How can a foreign actress show proper emotions when she does not know the meaning of the words dubbed? www.geocities.com/tamiltribune

Main attractions of these movies are the dance numbers. Today's dances in Tamil movies look more like aerobic exercises than fine art. Watch the dance numbers by past actresses like Vyjayanthimala or Padmini. They are trained classical dancers. Even when they danced to "non-classical" love duets, there was an art form, finesse to their dances. Today's dances in movies are nothing more than gyrating the hips to accentuate and display certain parts of the female anatomy clad in tight and/or transparent clothing. 

We should be ashamed of our movie industry.


Indian Interference into Tamil Movies (by Thanjai Nalankilli), TAMIL TRIBUNE, December 1998

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