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Tamil Origin of Hindi Word "Kisaan"

Inia Pandian

TAMIL TRIBUNE, April 2004 (ID. 2004-04-03)
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Hindi word for farmer is "kisaan". Many people believe that its root is in Sanskrit. Is the Tamil word "kizaan" (கிழான்) at the root of this Hindi word? (Could have reached Hindi via Sanskrit.)

In Tamil "kizaan" (கிழான்) means owner. For example, "nila kizaan" (நிலக் கிழான்) means land owner ("nilam" means land). "kaathal kiLaththi" (காதல் கிளத்தி) means lover (the lady who owns one's love) ("kaathal" means love). The Tamil word "kizavan" (கிழவன்) means old man, and "kizavi" (கிழவி) means old woman. Older men and women owned the property (land, house) in olden days; when they die the property was passed on to the children.

As noted above, "nila kizaan" (நிலக் கிழான்) means land owner in Tamil. It could have passed on to Hindi, via Sanskrit, and became the Hindi word "kisaan", meaning farmer.


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