Hindi in Southern Railways offices

Hindi in Southern Railways


TAMIL TRIBUNE, October 2004 (ID. 2004-10-01)
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Railways are a monopoly in India. It is owned and operated by the Indian Government. Southern Railways serves Tamil Nadu and other southern states. As with other Indian government departments and undertakings, Hindian dominated Indian Government uses Southern Railways also to spread Hindi in non-Hindi states and to force non-Hindi employees to learn Hindi (although they serve in a region where people's mother tongue is not Hindi, where very few people know Hindi and work can be carried out 100% without Hindi). (Hindians = People whose mother tongue is Hindi.) All managers/officers working in Tamil Nadu offices of the Southern Railways received a memorandum in late 2003. (Similar memorandum must have been sent to offices in the other southern, non-Hindi states also.) Here are some pertinent points from the memorandum, under the heading "Important Directions Regarding Official Language Policy".

  1. At least 55% of all letters written in offices in Tamil Nadu to other offices (including offices in Tamil Nadu) should be in Hindi. [Author's Comment: We wonder why more than half the letters written from an office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu to Madurai, Tamil Nadu or from Trichi, Tamil Nadu to Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu should be in Hindi. Is it not Hindi imposition?]
  2. At least 50% of typewriters purchased in Tamilnadu offices should be Hindi typewriters.
  3. At least 50% of books purchased in Tamil Nadu offices should be Hindi books. [Author's Comment: A good bonanza for Hindi writers.]

In addition to the above quota for Hindi use in Tamil Nadu, there is also a threat to employees not learning Hindi. The memorandum says that employees not attending Hindi training classes "should be severely dealt with".

Hindi politicians and their cohorts coming to Tamilnadu during election times invariably say, "Hindi will not be imposed in Tamil Nadu". Once they get elected and form government in New Delhi they give directives to all departments and undertakings to force Hindi down the throat of Tamil employees working in Tamil Nadu offices of the Indian Government.


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