Tamil Nadu Fishermen and the Sri Lankan Navy

Why No Compensation for Tamil Nadu Fishermen Killed by Sri Lankan Navy?

Usha Ramanathan

TAMIL TRIBUNE, October 2008 (ID. 2008-10-01)
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In march 2008, Indian Government approved financial assistance to civilian victims of terrorists, militants, insurgents and Naxalites. This assistance would be given immediately after the terrorist or militant attack and would be in addition to any other financial assistance victims receive from central and state governments. At the outset it would seem like a good scheme. In fact it is a good scheme; if the breadwinner of the family died in such attacks it is a good idea to provide financial assistance to the family. Also those seriously injured in such attacks could use the financial assistance.

Our question is this. Sri Lankan Navy has shot and killed a few hundred Tamil Nadu fishermen and the Indian Government has given not a single Rupee to the families of those killed. In many cases the families have lost their only or primary breadwinner. It is Indian government's refusal to stop these shootings that is resulting in the continued killings of Tamil fishermen by the Sri Lankan navy. Yet, the Indian government that is giving substantial financial aid to the families of those killed by terrorists, militants, insurgents and Naxalites, has not given a single Rupee to Tamilnadu fishermen.

Only financial aid going to the victims of Sri Lankan navy shootings comes from the Tamil Nadu State government. Indian Government should reimburse the state government these monies and pay Tamil Nadu fishermen's families the same financial aid given to victims of terrorism.

[See Reference 1 for the number of fishermen killed.]


1. How Many Indian Tamilnadu Fishermen did Sri Lankan Navy Kill? (by Usha Ramanathan), TAMIL TRIBUNE, June 2009 (6 KB)


Killings of Tamil Nadu Fishermen in the Sea

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