Naam Tamilar Founder Seeman on Indian / Tamil Nationalism and Tamil Nadu Fishermen's Death

Usha Ramanathan

TAMIL TRIBUNE, June 2011 (ID. 2011-06-01)
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Sri Lankan Navy is attacking, shooting and killing Tamil Nadu fishermen for over a decade. Scores of fishermen have been killed, many more injured and millions of Rupees worth of boats and fishing equipment damaged [see Reference 2 for a summary of death toll]. Indian government is refusing to stop it in spite of repeated requests from Tamil Nadu State government. Director S. Seeman's statement below is about this situation. Mr. Seeman is a movie director, Tamil activist and founder of the organization "Naam Tamilar" (We Tamils).

"Had the Indian government considered the dead Tamil Nadu fishermen as Indian fishermen and went to war with the Sri Lankan military, Indian nationalism would have risen there. Since the Indian government did not even cry at their funeral, there arose Tamil nationalism where the Tamil Nadu fishermen died." - From "Naam Tamilar" organization founder and film director S. Seeman's speech at a public meeting in Rameswaram in 2009.

(Though Director Seeman talks of going to war with Sri Lanka, no military action would be necessary if the Indian government treated the attacks and killings of Tamil Nadu fishermen seriously instead of making excuses and even justifying Sri Lankan Navy attacks [Reference 1]. More information about Sri Lankan navy attacks may be found at the "Related Articles" listed below.)

Alternate spellings of Tamil names: Rameswaram - Rameshwaram, Ramesvaram, Rameshvaram. Tamilar - Thamilar, Tamizhar, Thamizhar.
Some Tamil newspapers refer to Naam Tamilar organization as Naam Tamilar Katchi or Naam Tamilar Iyakkam (Katchi - Party, Iyakkam - Movement).


1. Indian Government "Justifies" Sri Lankan Navy Killing Tamil Nadu Fishermen (by Usha Ramanathan), TAMIL TRIBUNE, December 2008 (11 KB)

2. How Many Indian Tamilnadu Fishermen did Sri Lankan Navy Kill? (by Usha Ramanathan), TAMIL TRIBUNE, June 2009 (6 KB)


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