Agony of a Non-Hindi Employee at an Indian Government Bank in South India


TAMIL TRIBUNE, February 2012 (ID. 2012-02-01)
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Why are less number of employees from local state in central government institutions such as nationalized banks and railways? Why are examinations and interviews for many central government jobs not held in one's mother tongue except for Hindi speakers? This Hindi racism in India reduces equal opportunity to people who speak other languages.

I am from a Tamil-Kannada family. I am employed at a government bank and I am the only person from my state in that bank branch. Jobs and education are where we want equal opportunity. We demand 60% reservation for locals in central government institutions. We demand that all central government employment examinations and interviews be conducted in local languages and not just Hindi and English because the 40% Hindi people cannot make us rest 60% second-class citizens. Why not Kannada, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, ...? Why only Hindi people get to write examinations in their own language and attend interviews in their own language for many Indian government jobs? Are they better and more important? Are they children of better men and women? Why this injustice? We are being subjected to linguistic racism.

Central government websites are in Hindi and English only--bank websites, railways websites, etc. They have "Raj Basha" officers in many central government departments who do not do any useful work but force Hindi on employees.

Hindi in central schools and central universities but they seldom teach the local language. Hindi is a must in our airports, railway stations and all the Indian government offices. We oppose this Hindi racism. We have become slaves to Hindi. No one can take away our language and our pride be it Punjabi or Tamil or Telugu or Kannada or Bengali.

Now the Indian government is trying to implement same syllabus in schools across the country. Also why should the Indian central government conduct common examinations for educational institutions?


Hindi Imposition by Indian Government

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