Non-Tamil IAS and IPS Officers in Tamil Nadu

Thanjai Nalankilli

TAMIL TRIBUNE, August 2013 (ID. 2013-08-02)
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IAS - Indian Administrative Service

IPS - Indian Police Service

Of the 355 IAS officers in Tamil Nadu State only 170 are from Tamil Nadu. Of the 259 IPS officers in Tamil Nadu State only 108 are from Tamil Nadu (as of May 2012).

IAS and IPS officers are selected on the basis of India-wide competitive examinations. IAS officers hold high-level administrative posts in both central and state governments (for example, secretaries to central as well as state government ministers, district collectors) and IPS officers hold high-level posts at central and state law enforcement agencies (for example, Director General of Police, Superintendent of Police). Instead of appointing IAS and IPS officers from within the state, Indian Government purposively posts large numbers of out-of-state officers. This is a calculated move by the Indian Government to destroy the linguistic identity of states and to prevent state language becoming the state official language in practice because the out-of-state officers do not have proficiency to conduct their work in the state language. (Yes, a quick training is often given in the state language but these officers cannot hold meaningful conversations with their superiors or subordinates in the state language or write a letter in the state language. But all these officers should be proficient in Hindi even if working in non-Hindi states.) We want all IAS and IPS officers be from the state and proficient in the state language. Only then the state language can become truly the official language of the state.

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