Independence for all Non-Hindi States of India

TAMIL TRIBUNE, October 2013 (ID. 2013-10-f2)
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I came across your web site and found it extremely interesting. I am from across the border and dream of a Malayalee nation. I also dream of a Kannada nation, a Telugu nation, a Marathi nation, etc. Although India is stable and successful, it can never realize its full potential because of its immense diversity.

For the greater good of the people in the sub-continent, India must collapse peacefully into numerous nations. Unfortunately, it would seem that most people simply do not care about their true history and culture. They like to live in the illusion that we are the "Indian race" and we are "one".

August 2, 2013


Why Independence (Freedom) for Tamil Nadu from Indian Rule? (by Thanjai Nalankilli), TAMIL TRIBUNE, April 1999 (20 KB)

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