India, Tamil Nadu and the Dharmapuri Drinking Water Project

P. V. Velu

TAMIL TRIBUNE, September 1998 (ID. 1998-09-03)
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The district of Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu is in need of a drinking water project for many years. Successive Tamil Nadu state governments have been asking the Indian Central Government for financial assistance for almost 15 years and received not a single rupee from it. Then the Tamil Nadu state government approached the Japanese government directly and, seeing the need for and merits of the project, the Japanese government generously agreed to fund it to the tune of 636 crore Rupees (6.36 billion Rupees). Tamil Nadu was happy, the people of Dharmapuri were happy.

Then, alas, the Indian government tested their atomic bombs in May 1998. The Japanese government immediately cancelled the funding for our drinking water project to show its displeasure. So the Tamil Nadu state government again approached the Indian Central Government for some financial assistance to go ahead with the project. India refused again.

So, we - the people of Tamil Nadu - are asking the Indian Government for funds to build a drinking water scheme for the people of Dharmapuri District for 15 years to no avail. Even the funding we received from Japan at the initiative and hard work of our Tamil Nadu government is cancelled because the Indian Government wants to have atomic weapons.

During the same period the Indian Government has funded 11 drinking water projects in the Hindi-speaking Uttar Pradesh and 8 projects in the Hindi-speaking Madhya Pradesh.

So the score is,

Tamil Nadu: 0

Hindi-speaking Uttar Pradesh: 11

Hindi-speaking Madya Pradesh: 8.


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