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A List of Hindi Imposition Activities of the Indian Government (2014-2017 March)

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Hindi, the mother tongue of the people living in the northern-central region of India, became the official language of India, along with English, on January 26, 1950. Ever since that time, Hindi is imposed on the non-Hindi peoples of India more and more, year after year, irrespective of which political party or coalition of political parties is in power and who the prime minister is. Every prime minister from 1950 to the time of this writing (2016) has told some time or other that there is no Hindi imposition and there would be no Hindi imposition. Yet Hindi is imposed more and more. In the following links, we provide lists of Hindi imposition activities by the Indian government.

The list is not complete. These are news reports that we came across in various newspapers and news websites. This is not a complete list of all Hindi imposition actions taken by the Indian Government n these years.

Another point we want to make is that, some of the items we have listed might have been rectified after immense pressure from people and politicians from some non-Hindi state. At the same time more Hindi imposition actions would take place. The measure of Hindi imposition is whether more Hindi use in Indian government offices and enterprises (banks, railway, etc.) this year than the last. That surely is the case until the time of this writing (2017). 

Here are the links to Hindi imposition activities. If necessary, download the pages and read them leisurely.

Year 2014 (7 items)

Year 2015 (January - September) (14 items)

Year 2015 (October - December) (10 items)

Year 2016 (January - March) (15 items)

Year 2016 (April - June) (13 items)

Year 2016 (July - September) (12 items)

Year 2016 (October - December) (10 items)

Year 2017 (January - March) (14 items)


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