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Tamil Etymology and Linguistics
(A Discussion of Root Words in Tamil Language)

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20100701 Creation of Tamil Words from Early River Valley Civilization to Modern Technological Age (by Thanjai Nalankilli), TAMIL TRIBUNE, July 2010 (11 KB) (t)

Title is self-explanatory.

20011002 Origin of the Words Aryan and Dravidan (by Inia Pandian), TAMIL TRIBUNE, October 2001 (8 KB) (s, t)

Title is self-explanatory.

20020604 Origin of the Words Pandyan and Madurai (by Inia Pandian), TAMIL TRIBUNE, June 2002 (7 KB) (s, t)

Title is self-explanatory.

20031201 Origin of the Names Eelam and Sinhala (by Suesa), TAMIL TRIBUNE, December 2003 (5 KB) (s, t, te)

Etymology of the words Eelam and Sinhala.

19990301 Ilankai, Eelam and Yazhpanam (by Inia Pandian), TAMIL TRIBUNE, March 1999 (7 KB) (t, te)

Origin of the names Ilankai, Eelam, Yazhpanam and Sri Lanka.

19980802 Theivam (Deivam): Tamil or Sanskrit? (by Inia Pandian), TAMIL TRIBUNE, August 1998 (6 KB) (s, t)

Title is self-explanatory.

20040202 Etymology: Tamil Words from the Root "su" (by Inia Pandian), TAMIL TRIBUNE, February 2004 (8 KB) (s, t)

Title is self-explanatory.

20131102 Tamil Words for Information Technology (by Thanjai Nalankilli), TAMIL TRIBUNE, November 2013 (11 KB) (t-e)

How Tamil words are coined for the information technology field. Also added to /10/0701.

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List of Articles on other subjects that may interest you

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